August 31, 2008

Etrian Oddity, or the World Tree Madness in the West: #00002


"Gudeui hansumsoge chug chyojin balgorum soge
charari momchwojigil baranun haruga isso
amuron gidedo obgo irohda hal sollemdo obso
hajiman bakwonagal yonggido iyudo obso"

Etrian Oddity Issue #00002 - Etrian Psycho (written by the 1000 Rabbits, visualized by funny_bunny)

funny_bunny: I enjoyed doing this chapter VERY much. Hey nde, what do YOU think?

nde: I guess it's pretty accurate.

funny_bunny: Hoho.

prettyprophet: You'd think this would stop me from walking around the house near-nude, but it's not. I mean, funny once wrote a story where someone who MAY HAVE BEEN BASED ON ED whacked off to someone WHO MAY HAVE BEEN BASED ON NDE who was getting murdered. At least this was non-sexual.

funny_bunny: And very true-to-life.

prettyprophet: Ok, let's get this done:

The whole thing was basically just a near-copy of American Psycho's opening monologue. It was actually a lot more accurate at first, but we had to cut it down for five panels. Why the hell would we make such a reference to a book/movie that Etrian Odyssey fans probably don't care about? Truth is, World Tree's an excuse for us to put our lives into comic form. Expect continuous references and crossovers with things that have absolutely nothing to do with EO.

Panel One

You can thank Barbarossa for the photo. Guy's a castle nut so funny just asked him for whatever. This one fit into the frame decent enough.

Panel Two

My/Harvest's comment about stupid student concept films is a direct quote of...myself. We were passing by some of the boys who were watching something on Youtube. I took a look and said, "Wow, what a stupid student concept film". You know, all flash and technique because the actors can't carry shit. Nate turns to me and he's just like, "That's MY film, you bitch." "Yeah, it still sucks." Yeah, I'm turning into ed.

Also, I don't spend all the time in the nude. I live with my family, not just nde, so sadly I must put on something while the folks are in the house. Usually it's a gown from Lavie. But as we all know, funny has an active imagination.

Something I almost forgot to add: funny seriously was considering drawing areola and nipple because he's crazy and doesn't mind pissing me off. Then he saw naked Salvatore and thought the lure of the unknown was sexier. Thank the fucking Moon Rabbit. PS: I laugh at Pat because she's so sick, she can't even play games like DISGAEA 3. funny, go rob that slut.

Panel Three

We don't have a tub. But I do sing in the shower. That right there is from Cherry Filter's Revolution A.D. ...I think funny's also using them as the opening quote for this. Monologue there is completely true except for the honey bit. I think we were just changing words around or something.

Panel Four

Funny story behind that hair dryer. About a year ago we had to head up to a wedding and stayed at a swanky hotel. nde comes up to me and he says, "Beloved sister, used the hair dryer yet? It's pretty strong." I try it out, damn, it was for such a small thing. So I stole it and now it's what we use at home.

Also, there was MUCH argument over the sound effects of a hair dryer. nde suggested 'whirrrr' but funny's like, "No, that's too much like spinning." Long story short: wrrrr.

No, I don't drink in the morning. We needed something that had to do with the word 'alcohol' so we were like, fuck it, make me an alcoholic.

That thing on my arm isn't a watch. It's really a bracelet with an electric charge in it. I saw it in HK but wasn't carrying any cash, so nde got it for me. Kid, you regret doing that?

nde: No, you never use it on me.

prettprophet: I bet everyone else hates you. Anyways...boobs. Specifically mine. Want to know where they came from?

funny_bunny: I used HAPPOU BIJIN illustrations!

prettprophet: My reaction to that was recorded in the 'Leporidae Rex' ACHTUNG post over at the Reich. My words? "Fucking Father Christmas". And I stand by them.

funny_bunny: I wanted shapely, firm ones.

prettprophet: Yes. Now I expect some hot and sweaty boy love action to compensate.

funny_bunny: Turning into Pat?

prettprophet: No, I just, wait, fuck it. THIS TOPIC IS OVER.

Panel Five

I'm wearing a Kazu Kibuishi 'Pachyderm Forest' shirt which I do not have. I didn't even know it was that shirt until funny told me since...frankly, you can't even tell from that lack of detail. Thank you funny for drawing us in apparel we would like to one day own, thus furthering our desires.

A sidenote here that Ink noticed...if Harvest and Snowflake are royalty...why the hell do they share a bathroom? Uh, because they're too cheap and Asian to get another one.

funny_bunny: I'm copying off SKETCHBOOK from now on as my main source! It's done by MUSASHI QUALTIY and it's ROCKING.

prettprophet: I just started reading it...yeah, that's high school all over again. Minus any art club. Anyways, in these explanations...I'm not referring to Harvest/myself as ME anymore. They're CARICATURES of ourselves and that's that.

funny_bunny: Why not switch all willy-nilly? IT'LL BE FUN.

prettprophet: And confusing. So there, Harvest was a nude skank in this issue.

funny_bunny: With excellent boobs.

prettprophet: Right. When's your chapter?

funny_bunny: Oh, you know me. I'm always wearing something!

prettprophet: Not when you sleep.

funny_bunny: Hey, let's make that the end page for the next release. "WHAT DO YOU SLEEP IN?"

prettprophet: funny sleeps half nude.

funny_bunny: nde sleeps in CLOTHES to hide his SHAMEFULLY DELICIOUS BODY!


August 25, 2008

Rabbit Review: Shining Tears - Collection of Visual Materials

Shining Tears - Collection of Visual Materials Cover

Title: Shining Tears – Collection of Visual Materials
Artist: Tony Taka
ISBN: 4757722346
Publisher: Enterbrain
Format: Softcover, 8.5 x 11.25 inches
Language: Japanese
Pages: 127
First Published: March 2005
Purchase Price: $28 US
Purchased From: Animebooks
Extras: None

If you can recall, March 2005 had the release of Shining Tears. If you can’t, I don’t fault you; it was an action RPG that has the dubious honor being X-Play’s “3rd Worst PS2 Game Ever”. Perhaps the reason was because of the game’s lineage: the Shining series was beloved for its tactical titles and reviled for its drastic changes in genre. Regardless, the artwork was pleasant enough to catch my eye and I would learn that Tony Taka, or just plain ‘Tony’ was responsible for it. Then I would later learn that he was also responsible for the art of several of Japan’s infamous ‘adult’ games. Yes, that kind of game. Not surprising, considering how many artists dabble in the erotic: Ghost in the Shell’s Masamune Shirow or Growlanser’s Satoshi Urushihara. Even Akira Toriyama of Dragon Quest and Dragonball fame ended up in the adult artbook Bitch’s Life Illustration File.

Shining Tears cast #1

Xion and female cast

Tony’s Shining Tears – Collection of Visual Materials is as its name suggests: an artbook containing all things visually related to Shining Tears. His art may have struck a chord with fans of Shining Tears, what with the sequel Shining Wind bearing his touch.

It opens with a gallery of 24 full color images, all illustrations of the Shining Tears cast; the females take up most of those pages. The fact that they seem to have more love invested into them should be expected, given Tony’s background. Following that is a four page interview with the man himself, which then segues into the individual character illustrations. Thirteen pages of character graphics, since there are thirteen principle characters. Then 24 pages of their profiles, containing early sketches and portraits.



At this point, we’re then treated to about 27 pages describing the Shining Force world; not a good thing if you’ve bought this for the art. In this “World” section, there’s also artwork for the landscapes, NPCs, and enemies. This artwork appears to have been done by another artist, as the style varies too greatly and Tony appears to have been billed only for character design.

There’s a second interview with Tony and the storyboards for the opening cinematic, side-by-side with the finished product for comparison. To end the book, we’re provided fifteen pages of linework selected from the gallery section.

Xion and Ryuna lineart

Mao and Neige lineart

I know Visual Materials sounds like it holds a great deal but it’s only 127 pages. Out of that 127, I’d believe 76 are pure art; taking out the fifteen pages of linework, as they’re reiterations of gallery work, brings us down to 61 pages. So if it is quantity you’d like in your artbooks, this one’s lacking. This is not something unexpected; “visual collection” artbooks tend to be a way to make money off fans of the respective games, compared to artbooks that span an artist’s career. Still, there’s a lot of background information of Shining Tears, plus the interviews, so this could be absorbing if you can read Japanese.

Personally, I’m not that big of a Tony fan. His characters edge too close to the cliché for my tastes and the female-to-male ratio is rather unbalanced. However, I can see how his style can be appealing to the senses, given his aesthetically pleasing females. With that said, I find it hard to recommend Shining Tears – Collection of Visual Materials. If you’re a fan of the Shining Force series, chances are you won’t take a liking to Shining Tears and Tony’s art, as charming as it is, probably won’t sway you to buy the artbook. The same applies to anyone who’s simply looking for some fine art; Visual Materials isn’t worth the bother. Now, if you already are a fan of Tony, then by all means, get this. A glossy gallery, interviews, sketches; all wonderful. Just keep in mind that only half of it is actual art, which can be a sore spot for those wanting more.

Lavie Rhap is a freelance writer who contributes to a number of sites and zines using multiple pseudonyms. When not undertaking research, she enjoys reading classical texts and being the moral compass of the Thousand Rabbits.

Kawaii Pattycakes is a self-admitted otaku with interest only in Asiatic culture. Every cent she earns is put into funding her hobby; it is only through intense efforts of prettyprophet does she experience the rest of the world.



Keiner and Neige

Mao and Volg

Shining Tears cast #2

*Images from Aethereality Gallery and DPG because funny_bunny didn't want to scan his own book.


Happoubi Jin’s Sweet Body Chapter Three (Version 2)

A dame to kill for

"The wind rises, electric. She's soft and warm and almost weightless. Her perfume is a sweet promise that brings tears to my eyes. I tell her that everything will be all right. That I'll save her from whatever she's scared of and take her far, far away. I tell her I love her."

Lavie Rhap: No messages for the people?

funny_bunny: Nope nope!

Lavie Rhap: That's fine too.

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August 19, 2008

Happoubi Jin's Sweet, Sweet Body CHAP 01 PART 01

Sayonara Sexy Sensei

"It's the truth. You're not my son. You never have been. You're an orphan. Did you ever hear that word? You operated here today like one. I should have seen this coming. I should have known that under this all, these past years you've been building your hate for me piece by piece. I don't even know who you are because you have none of me in you; you're someone else's. This anger, your maliciousness, backwards dealings with me. You're an orphan from a basket in the middle of the desert. And I took you for no other reason than I needed a sweet face to buy land. Did you get that? Now you know. Look at me. You're lower than a bastard. Mmm-hmm. You have none of me in you. You're just a bastard from a basket."


prettyprophet: Despite this being the "last" chapter, we're not done. Still gotta redo chapter three.

funny_bunny: Only then will we consider Sweet Body complete!

prettyprophet: We're going to need hosting for the volume release because it's big as a mother. So c'mon, give us the hook-ups.

funny_bunny: Hook a playa up!

prettyprophet: Fo sho. Peace.

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August 16, 2008

AX 2008 was really really fun


And I didn't even go!

funny_bunny: Chea.

prettyprophet: Chea boi.

Kawaii Pattycakes: CHEA!

Lavie Rhap: How's your jetlag, prophet?

prettyprophet: Oh, the jetlag that turned into constant loss of equilibrium? It's great. Fucking great.

Kawaii Pattycakes: You should relax now. Watch some Geass.

funny_bunny: OR PLAY MGS4! Because SOME PEOPLE are kind and sweet enough to let people play WHENEVER.

Kawaii Pattycakes: QUIET YOU BAKA BUNNY.


Lavie Rhap: Civility, please.

prettyprophet: SHUT THE FUCK UP. Aw, now it looks like I'm saying that to Lavie. Way to preempt me, you bitch.

funny_bunny: Hey, everyone, get the FUCK out. It's FUNNY BUNNY's field.


funny_bunny: I'LL BURN YOUR ROOM, SLUT.

prettyprophet: Actually, this is pretty much funny's post so whatever. Do what the fuck you want.

funny_bunny: See? VICTOLY.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I will drill you. And keep Enchanted Arms out of your sexy hands!

Lavie Rhap: Pat, no one likes a hoarder.

Kawaii Pattycakes: He hasn't even finished FES!

prettyprophet: Jesus, you haven't? Piece of shit.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Neither have you!

funny_bunny: We're all DECADENT SCUM. Anywhos, I was at ANIME EXPO 2008! In spirit.

Lavie Rhap: There was only one Rabbit who went. Pat was tricked into thinking she would, but ed took her to Spain instead.

Kawaii Pattycakes: That TRAITOR.

funny_bunny: That wonderful Rabbit who I am indebted to is...AERITH'S BITCH! Danke danke, you OTAKU SCUM. So with his awesome aid, I spent a hundred bones there. Fufu!

prettyprophet: Fucking funny.

funny_bunny: My luxurious Lavie, list the goods!

Lavie Rhap: Didn't you take photos?

funny_bunny: Mon Dieu! I did!

prettyprophet: Fucking forgetful funny.


Kawaii Pattycakes: I <3 the Pokemon!

funny_bunny: My most valued possession! BUT IGNORE THEM THIS TIME! Gaze on the majesty of AX SWAG.

prettyprophet: A hundred fucking dollars. You could've got Folklore. I want to play that shit.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I'LL BE GETTING IT NEXT!

prettyprophet: Bitch, please. You're more broke than funny.

funny_bunny: Bet you I'll get it before Pat. I bet a dollar.

Lavie Rhap: funny, focus on the purchases.

funny_bunny: Right right! Really, only THREE things cost moolah: PERSONA 3 doujinshi by MECHAFETUS, commissioned sketch of PLEINAIR and USAGI by PERSONA of MECHAFETUS, and PULCHRITUDINOUS POISON PVC. Everything else was free! I think.

prettyprophet: And somehow it still amounted to a hundred. Fucking Moon Rabbits, what the shit.

funny_bunny: Pretty Poison was a pretty penny.

prettyprophet: Hey, I'm all for a rocked out figure...but paying that much? Fuck off.

Kawaii Pattycakes: And that's why you'll NEVER understand the beauty behind PVC. Get out, you unbeliever.

prettyprophet: Fuck you, white girl.

funny_bunny: I hope you two wrestle.

Kawaii Pattycakes: I hope so too!

prettyprophet: I'm just not going to comment any further. Just talk funny. Just fucking talk.

funny_bunny: Fo shizzle!


funny_bunny: I haven't even taken her out of the BOX.

Kawaii Pattycakes: And you should never! Figures must be kept boxed and pristine. THAT IS LAW.

funny_bunny: I DEFY LAW. Also, Meatbun.

Kawaii Pattycakes: Meatbun is SUGOIIIII.



Kawaii Pattycakes: THIS IS WHY I HATE FUNNY!

funny_bunny: Hate Aerith's Bitch for not getting you a copy!

Kawaii Pattycakes: I hate YOU for not reminding him!

funny_bunny: I love me!

prettyprophet: Hey funny, you didn't scan the back of the board.

funny_bunny: Nor shall I!




Kawaii Pattycakes: I have more PS3 games!

funny_bunny: DIE.


prettyprophet: I would murder for this.

Kawaii Pattycakes: prophet unleashing her OTAKUNESS!?

prettyprophet: Hell no, I just want a sprite-based megaten fighting game. God, that'd be beautiful.

funny_bunny: Let that poster twirl in your dreamscape. It's from MECHAFETUS, PAUL ROBERTSON SPECIFICALLY.

Lavie Rhap: Of Pirate Baby and Kings of Power fame.



funny_bunny: You know, THIS was all I originally wanted.

Kawaii Pattycakes: But how can you stop there when so many other goodies call?

prettyprophet: Fucking easily.

funny_bunny: It is Mechafetus doujin! It is wonderful! This Time it's Persona3l!

prettyprophet: They even squeezed in Mara. Fuck yeah.

Lavie Rhap: Shall this be scanned?

funny_bunny: Of course not! THIS IS FOR RABBITS ONLY.


prettyprophet: Now that's just badass.

Kawaii Pattycakes: WHERE IS SAME-SAN!!!???

Lavie Rhap: funny's actual request was somewhere along the lines of a FF/Pokemon crossover, I believe.

funny_bunny: WRONG. I quote my superb self: "Pleinair raping Usagi while riding a Voltorb that's falling onto Megaten cast members such as sexy crazy demon lady Yuriko or brave space cat Goto...who are in the midst of a violent fight with FF cast members such as mangy Montblanc the moogle or mirthful Mjrn, who probably carries lustful, incestuous thoughts for Fran...meanwhile, Bikini Bible-chan benevolently observes everything...before preparing to annihilate all with pious Christian fury."

prettyprophet: Clearly that vision was distorted in production.

funny_bunny: Aerith's Bitch tells me Persona WAS NOT FAMILIAR with who Pleinair and Usagi were! So THAT CONFUZZLED THINGS.

Kawaii Pattycakes: But we have this triumph of loli might now!

Lavie Rhap: If there is anyone out there who would like to illustrate funny's request, by all means, do so.

funny_bunny: I wish I gave this to Ink to do before he got rich. So that's folks! NO MORE SWAG. Well, swag photos and scans that is!

prettyprophet: Good. Now let's fucking SMASH.

funny_bunny: Thank you so very much Aerith's Bitch for taking all the effort to GATHER THIS SWAG. I got him SMT: NOCTURNE AND A DS JAPANESE MAGIC TRANSLATING THINGY in return! Thank you Harada and Taniel for delighting a FANII BANII! Thank you Persona, Paul, EVO3 aka Ouendan, and Kinuko of Mechafetus for BEING SO SEXY AND SALACIOUS! ANIME EXPO, SEE YOU AGAIN SPIRITUALLY NEXT YEAR!



funny_bunny: BOO.